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Who does not love to cook hamburgers on the grill in the warm summer evenings. This is always a great treat to serve at a summer cook out. Good on the Fourth of July or Memorial Day when you have a crowd over.  But I do like to spice up my burgers and let the spices have some time to soak into the meat. Sometimes I add the spices before I freeze the burgers then they are ready to go as soon as I thaw them out. Other times I just do it the day before and let them sit in the refrigerator overnight and that adds a lot of flavor.



So I like my burgers to turn out nice and thick and juicy like these. I got this picture from and they have a great recipe there which I am going to try this weekend.

But what I have been doing for years is placing the meat in a large mixing bowl and adding salt and pepper. (I always have a jar of this garlic from Costco in my refrigerator and I use it in everything). I add at least a heaping tablespoon of garlic for every pound of meat then I mix it all together with my hands just like I would if I was making meatloaf.



This garlic is the most important ingredient and it really adds flavor. Some people use garlic powder but I prefer the real thing. I also finely chop up a little onion and mix that in and I love to add All Spice to everything so I add it here.

So those are the ingredients I always use and then I will add different things that I may have on hand. I love to add crumbled Feta or Blue Cheese.  And then you can add cheese of any type on top when you cook them depending on what everyone wants.

However, you may want to leave the cheese out if you are having a lot of children over as I have found they may not like the flavor of those cheeses especially Blue Cheese. But you could serve hot dogs for anyone that does not like theses burgers. And don’t forget to get the rolls a little toasty on the grill too.